OpenVPN Server and Client to PIA with port forwarding.

  • I have troubleshooted this issue as far as I can as a new user of pfSense.  I have an OpenVPN Client connecting to Private Internet Access. I am using a script to port forward from PIA to a local machine on my network through the OpenVPN connection to PIA. I used this guide to create:

    After setting up the OpenVPN client connection, my OpenVPN server no longer connects. I've narrowed it down to a single setting. If I check "don't pull routes", my openvpn server works, but the port forwards stops working. Any insight as to how to fix or troubleshoot this issue would be greatly appreciated.

  • I’ve got it working, I’m not really sure how. I changed the ncp settings on the server for a different reason, redonloaded the client file, and it connected. The options in the client file look the same as the old file.

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