Ntopng not starting

  • Just updated from 2.4.2 to 2.4.3-DEVELOPMENT (amd64) built on Fri Jan 19 13:16:41 CST 2018 and ntopng is not starting.
    Redis is running
    If i go to a shell and try "/usr/local/etc/rc.d/ntopng.sh start " ntopng doesnt start
    ntopng without parameters starts fine.
    System log shows: pid 75313 (ntopng), uid 0: exited on signal 11 (core dumped)

  • it seems to bomb with the -H option.
    removing -H from the options in ntopng.sh it starts just fine.

  • Had the same problem 2.4.3-DEVELOPMENT (amd64) built on Fri Jan 19 13:16:41 CST 2018, removing -H from the options in ntopng.sh Also fixed it for me! I am sure it's not the proper fix, but it is working.

  • Can't find on ntopng user guide what -H does

  • I could not find -H option anywhere in NtopNG manual.
    I then looked into ntopng source code (startup options are in prefs.cpp) and -H does not seem to be a valid option.
    Having said that ntopng should just log an "Unknown option -H: Ignored" and continue , however ntopng in pfsense exits with a "Segmentation Fault".

    Wonder if this could be fixed in pfsense, just removing -H option in the source. It is annoying to have to edit ntopng.sh after every update.

  • I found it! -H is disable alerts on an old version of ntopng but doesnt seem to be supported anymore on the recent version 3.2.

    /usr/local/etc.rc.d/ntopng.sh is an autogenerated file based on the configuration options chosen on the web interface (ntopng settings), so for the time being until the web interface is updated to reflect the new version 3.2 settings, just uncheck "Disables all alerts generated by ntopng, such as flooding notifications." under general options as this setting seems to be irelevant and crashes ntopng. With this ntopng seems to be working flawlessly.

  • Thanks, I wish I saw that. I hope the web configuration will get fixed soon though

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