1.2.1 and channels stuck to channel 6 after reboot (but auto selected)

  • Hi

    I have been playing with 802.11g turbo and a CM9 with 1.2.1 (alix 2D3), to do this, i forced the channel selectbox to "channel 6", i use both wpa and wpa2, and don't use any other options.
    Also note, that my "WLAN" card is bridged to LAN, and i have a dhcpd on LAN

    Results were pretty good for most of our wifi gear except the eeebox 202 we received (and it's buggy ralink winxx 802.11n drivers) couldn't work properlly (it kept on disconnecting / connecting again .. even after playing with the ralink driver tool).

    After reverting back to 802.11g and "auto" channel, things were good again..

    But, whenever i reboot the pfsense box, ifconfig ath0 keeps on reporting the status as not associated, and the channel is set to 6.
    A quick look in the gui shows that i'm supposed to be in "auto" mode..
    A rough guess would be that the ath0 driver doesn't want to run on channel 6 if not running in 802.11g_turbo mode ..?
    So, i just did as advised in a previous forum thread: set the channel via the GUI selectbox, for instance to channel 2, which makes ifconfig ath0 associeted.
    Than i can finaly go back to "Auto" via the same selectbox and everything seems to work fine

    I think there was some issue more less identical in the past releases of pfsense, as i remember reading about it in the forums..

    Just figured i should report it to see if anyone else can reproduce the issue

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