OpenVPN Site to site MultiSite

  • Hello
    I have openvpn site to site ssl/tls, between 4 sites with OPENVPN, and I want the 4 sites to see each other.
    For now, with site A, I can see B, C and D. (one server-client configuration for each site)

    But I want site B to see C and D.
    Site C, see B and D.
    And site D, see B and C.
    All this for the vpn.

    How can I this?

    Topology: - Site A - Server - Site B - Site C - Site D


  • You can achieve this by setting up client specific overrides, one for each client. VPN > OpenVPN > Client Specific Overrides.
    It is required that each client has a separate, unique certificate.

    Klick Add to set up a new CCO, enter the common name as it is set in the clients cert, assign an unique /30 tunnel subnet to each client, at "IPv4 Local Network/s" enter all the remote subnets the client should be able to access and at "IPv4 Remote Network/s" the subnet behind the respective client.

    In the client config also enter all remote subnets, which should be accessible in the "IPv4 Remote Network/s" box.

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