Pfsense as a router. Please help!

  • pfsense setup. Please help. I already have connection between modem and pfsense. Now. From pfsense to switch using the other LAN port. Therefore, I connected other PC devices into the switch as indicated in the atrachment picture. There is no internet access. So how do i setup my opnsense as a router? Am i gonna do bridging? Etc. Or what?

    Thank you!

  • Do you have an Internet connection from pfSense?  That is, can you go to a command prompt and successfully ping some site?  If you can't do that, then clients behind pfSense won't have access either.

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    So pfsense gets what IP on its wan? If that device is really a gateway and doing and your getting the same network as on your lan side of pfsense then not going to work.. If your devices are getting dhcp from your wifi "router"?

    You state pfsense can talk to your "modem" so I take it really a gateway not really a modem that just would put a public IP address pfsense wan, etc.

  • Omg ur right. My pfsense doesnt have internet connection because it cant ping said no route to host. What do I need to do? Please help :(

  • My modem and pfsense is connected through lan cable.

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    What does pfsense show for its want IP?

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    Edit the WAN interface and configure it for whatever your ISP or modem requires. DHCP, PPPoE, Static. Anyone's guess at this point!

  • @agustinrojen:

    So how do i setup my opnsense as a router?

    Maybe install pfSense first?!!
    You will not get help on the fork in this forum.

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    ^ heheheh that is funny didn't catch that.. So which is OP are you running pfsense or that crapoff?

  • Lan ip set to dhcp mode. Omg. Im sorry im just newbie :(

    That is my setup. Pfsense installed on a laptop unit.

  • I can ping google now on my pfsense. But still no connection iin other devices connected to switch.

  • As you can see in the image below. I have a PFsense installed on a laptop unit with two LAN adapters. and first. I did connect my MODEM into my pfsense LAN 1, and it connected because I can ping website such as google, facebook, etc.

    and… My PFSense LAN 2 is connected to the switch that will provide internet connection for the other devices

    But my problem is. Why there is no connection in my devices connected to the switch? even though i already have internet connection in my pfsense via LAN1? Do you have any idea? Please help me. Im a newbie in firewalling.

    Image 1 is my current process.

    Image 2 is my plan. Thank you!

  • Hi,

    Looks to me that your wired setup is ok.
    But help isn't possible right now.

    I'd like to know why you call the "WAN" interface "LAN 1"  ? What are the IP settings on this WAN interface ?
    What are your LAN IP settings ? How do clients obtain an IP ? Do they get an IP ? DNS, Gateway, etc, all is good ?

    You should know is not uncommon these days that people set up their firewall routers these days with an IP like on WAN and "" on the LAN side. Doing so brings 'routing' to a complete halt.

    So, thanks for the images - that already straights out many things, but the question is now : tell us how you set up pfSense, and we will tell you why that doesn't work  ;)

    edit : you are already asking the same question here

  • I set it up like this. My PFsense has 2 interfaces. LAN and WAN.

    I got a modem with a default gateway of

    Using a UTP cord. I plugged the other side into the LAN/WAN port of my modem and the other side was in my UNIT(PFsense) Lan port.

    Then I used DHCP mode in pfsense (LAN because i used UTP cord)  to set IP Address automatically. My PFSense LAN has a IP of provided by the DHCP. Now with these settings. I can ping websites. google, facebook, etc.

    I don't understand the WAN part. So instead of LAN connection(UTP cord). I will use WAN? to connect my PFSense into my modem?

    Im so sorry for the trouble. I'm doing this because i want to be a network/system admin in my future. T_T  Please help.

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    Please do not start multiple topics for the same problem.

  • Sorry sir.

  • @agustinrojen:

    Then I used DHCP mode in pfsense (LAN because i used UTP cord)  to set IP Address automatically. My PFSense LAN has a IP of provided by the DHCP. Now with these settings. I can ping websites. google, facebook, etc.

    This is messy. I guess your mixing up LAN and WAN or worse.

    Please, provide an image like this :

    Using username "admin".
    Authenticating with public key "rsa-key-20150201"
    Passphrase for key "rsa-key-20150201":
    pfSense - Netgate Device ID: 20bb46fd95384c37e087
    *** Welcome to pfSense 2.4.2-RELEASE-p1 (amd64) on pfsense ***
     WAN (wan)       -> rl0        -> v4/DHCP4:
     LAN (lan)       -> fxp0       -> v4:
                                      v6: 2001:470:xxxx:5c0:2::1/64
     PORTAL (opt1)   -> sis0       -> v4:
     0) Logout (SSH only)                  9) pfTop
     1) Assign Interfaces                 10) Filter Logs
     2) Set interface(s) IP address       11) Restart webConfigurator
     3) Reset webConfigurator password    12) PHP shell + pfSense tools
     4) Reset to factory defaults         13) Update from console
     5) Reboot system                     14) Disable Secure Shell (sshd)
     6) Halt system                       15) Restore recent configuration
     7) Ping host                         16) Restart PHP-FPM
     8) Shell
    Enter an option:

    As you can see, I use the default IP on LAN : because I'm NOT an expert, so I have no reason at all to change default LAN settings.

    My 'modem', hooked up on the WAN interface is a "ADSL modem and router", so I gave (changed !) it's LAN base IP to - the DHCP server in my modem/router is activated, and gave and this to IP to the pfSense WAN interface :

    Of course, the DHCP server running on pfSense hands out IP addresses to my devices on LAN (and the other 'LAN' network "OPT"), using the default pool ( ->

  • Here is my image sir. Omg. :(

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    You have your WAN interface set as wlan0.. (wireless interface) Not a wired interface.. And it has no IP… So no that is not going to work.

  • Can you please post a picture showing the pfSense version installer as well. In the photos you always cut that out nicely.
    Except for all the other problems I'm still not convinced you're using pfSense (never answered my question) instead of the fork.

    Until you proof using pfSense indeed I'd be rather sceptical about further troubleshooting help.

  • How do I setup WAN then? I don't know any GUI of this firewall to connect it through wifi (WAN) ? Please help T_T

    Hello sir. according to my groupmate. ours was called opnsense. the fork. we posted here because we knew this forum have many friendly users and also the setup is the same. hope you don't kick us T_T thank you.

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    "Hello sir. according to my groupmate. ours was called opnsense."

    That is some big brassy shiny balls you have there dude… Good luck!

  • we knew we're wrong to ask here. but we didn't expect to be called that way :( we're just asking for help. we're just students with no idea and we just want to learn :(. thank you for the good luck btw. and we hope you can still help us. thank you

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    They have a forum too. You should probably start there.

    If there are bugs, etc, you are encountering we won't be familiar with them.

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    "but we didn't expect to be called that way"

    huh?  Just commented on how big your balls must be to ask for help on the distro your chosen distro stole from ;)

    Somewhat like banking with Wells Fargo and then going to Chase bank and asking them to help you balance your check book - only bigger balls than that ;)  Since Fargo didn't steal the idea of checking from Chase.. Nor the software to run the checking accounts in the first place.

    If you decide to install pfsense instead be more than happy to help you out.  As I already stated your wan interface is listed as your wifi card… Change it to your 2nd wired nic, or use vlans and should be fine if you only have 1 wired nic.  Your drawing shows 2 connections looks like to me.

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    Locking. OP if you have a question about pfSense software, please start a new thread.

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