Im new to pfBlockerNG

  • just did my first config on pfblocker.  initially, i had an alias which contained firehol_level1 and its behavior was block both, but i immediately started getting all my internal 10.x traffic blocked.  (haha, so bad i had to console and roll back the config, as i couldnt even get to the web gui anymore).  i also removed the pfblockerNG config from all VLAN interfaces, and its just currently on WAN, LAN (oh yeah, i did leave it on 1 DEV VLAN, but not hte vlan shown below)

    so i split firehol_level1 into a new alias that is inbound only block.  however, i seem to have a residual block somewhere, but im not sure what to make of this.  in the firewall rules logs, i see this:

    Jan 26 11:02:19 VLAN_2541 Default deny rule IPv4 (1000000103) TCP:R

    … but when i look at hte firewall rules for VLAN 2541 there is only the default any:any rule that i created, so i am not sure what is causing the above to be logged.

    anyone have some direction for me?

  • I never had luck with that list…try doing a "Force reload" with the list removed. Maybe a reinstall of package(making sure you "checked" the box that says "don't keep block or settings".

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