Newby question how to deal with multiple IP's

  • Hi there, okay its a prety (duh say BIG) newby question but maybe you can help me out.

    I want to use pfSense as a firewall/router between a backbone connection in a datacentre and a few servers behind pfSense.
    I have 2 ranges of IP addresses which I got from the datacentre (upgrade afterwards, a 2nd different range was available)

    I have a Proliant DL360-G2 with dual 1.4GHz PIII and 1.2GB of RAM and 2 onboard NIC's.

    Nic 1 is defined as WAN, Nic 2 as LAN

    How can I setup the Nic 1 to accept addresses (e.g.) - and also the second range -
    And, it must be setup in a manner that I can create firewall/nat rules like:

    port 80 @ has to go to port 80 @
    port 80 @ has to go to port 80 @

    I guess it's more routing then firewalling?

  • Create virtual IP's on the WAN.
    "Firewall" –> "VIPs"

  • Thanks, means I was close enough thinking about it!

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