Gateway monitor help

  • Hey guys, can anybody help me fix the gateway monitor widget ? i have a dynamic pppoe wan connection with ip changing all the time so is there any way to make the gateway widget work ?

    Thank you !

  • In System\Routing edit the gateway, and configure a 'monitor ip' you should be able to use something like, or perhaps run a traceroute and find some 'pingable' ip from your isp that does respond.

  • I put on my ISP DNS's as the Gateway ( does not respond to ping at all its filtered, so now i'm pinging the DNS and looks good ! thank you very much for your help again.

    Is there anyway to change the WAN_PPPOE name ? maybe put in the Provider's name ? as i will get a nother provider soon and make a load balancer and i would be nice to distinguish them !

  • Check system -> Routing -> Gateways -> edit.

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