Mulitple Xbox Ones

  • Hello All,
    I know that this topic has been talked about frequently on this thread, but I will ask it again. I have added pfsense to my network setup. I am using it for routing and a firewall. It is working great for that, but the problem that I am having is that I have multiple xbox ones in my household and we all like to play games together. I was using an edgrouter prior to going to the pfsense and both xboxs could play at the same time. I switched to pfsense and now only one will work. I have read through the forums and I followed this article: and both xbox ones initially connect to xbox live and show an open NAT. When we go to play COD WWII one xbox will connect and the other one does not. When looking at the UPNP status it shows what is in the attachment.

    I also tried the information from this thread: and it does the same thing. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    pfsense hardware info:
    Dell R210 ii
    ESXI 6.5
    pfsense as a VM

  • Hello,

    I have the same issues with Warframe game. The Xbox test is OK, for many game it's works (Rocket League and Warhammer Vermintide)
    I think COD do p2p connection like Warframe.
    I follow this howto too.

  • Odd, I have 2 xboxes, and they play no problem on live. Have you changed each xbox hostname?

  • Each Xbox have a different hostname.

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