Simple site to site, not even ping the server once connected

  • Hi everybody  :)

    I try to figure out something since a couple of days without success. I’m in an IT position, but not network specialist and English is not my native language which doens’t facilitate the troubleshooting.

    For sure I made some searches on this forum and tried some tutorials even in my native language, but without success so far. I would like to be sure to understand what I do.

    Thank you by advance for your help.


    At work I have a pFSense 2.4 acting as router, an Internet Access (static public IP) on WAN, few computers on LAN on

    At home I have an Internet access and a Synology NAS acting as OpenVPN server, on network, VPN clients get

    I would like, from the LAN at work on, access home resources on
    It’s working fine with OpenVPN Gui (on the Synology I checked the box to « enable access to local nework »).

    I would like to build a simple site to site so no need to use OpenVPN Gui anymore.

    In VPN client / Tunnel settings I put :
    IPv4 Tunnel Network :
    IPv4 Remote network(s) :
    Settings as General Information / User auth / Cryptographic are correct as I’m connected: picture attached

    I created a rule Firewall / OpenVPN : picture attached

    Here is what I have in Firewall / NAT / Outbound, I understood it could be important… : picture attached

    Here is a ping from OpenVPN virtual interface to the VPN server ( :

    I'm sure I missed a step, and it's probably obvious for you but... I'm blocked...

    Thank you for your good advices.


  • Hi gentlemen,

    not able to figure out so far…

    However my route table seems fine doesn't it ?  ???

    Sure I'm not far from the end, seems so simple, did I miss something ?


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