Traffic from LAN IP to NAT rule

  • Hello and sorry for the dumb question: I searched through all the forums without finding anything suitable for me.

    I'm trying to reach an internal resource from an internal client but using its NAT IP Address, so instead of doing

    LANIP1 <–---> LANIP2

    I need to do


    but it seems I can't find a way to do so.
    Can someone help me understanding why?
    I already have a LAN rule that allows connection from the LANIP1 to any network and a WAN Rule that allows connections from PFSENSE_WAN_IP to the LANIP2, but it doesn't work. I also tried any to any but connection.

    Thanks in advance

  • Instead of asking that specific question, you might be better off explaining what you want to accomplish and then we can suggest the best approach.  This kind of problem can usually be slved wit either NAT Reflection or split DNS, but you really need to use a specific IP address?

  • Hi, sorry for the late reply!
    we configured a Power BI Gateway on the cloud which uses the external IP Address given to the SQL server instance to refresh the data sources.
    In this case, I need to reach the SQL Machine (LANIP2) from the webserver with the PBI Gateway installed (LANIP1). Those machines are on the same network, using pfsense as gateway.
    Instead of using the internal name, i need to exit pfsense from the webserver and reenter it to reach the sql machine.

    Hoping that was clearer, thanks!

  • You're the man! 8)

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