OpenVPN File to iPhone

  • I realize the iPhone OpenVPN app has several different methods of importing a private tunnel (apparently it's an .ovpn file), however, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever tried to import their private tunnel by connecting their iPhone to a Linux or Mac machine and copied it to the iPhone in this manner?  Can it even be done?  Thanks.

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    Yes. You can use iTunes. Phone > Apps > File Sharing.

  • I am looking for different way, not using iTunes or any of the other ways the OpenVPN app suggests, but to actually copy/paste the file to a path on the iPhone while the iPhone is connected to a Linux box.  Is this possible?  I hope that makes sense.

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    Don't believe the iPhone environment will allow that.

    There might be something that allows transfers but it has nothing to do with pfSense.

    Maybe someone else knows.

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