"This site can’t be reached" message in browser

  • Good evening,

    Ever since I enabled pfblocker and TLD I am getting at least once per hour this message when I try to access www.facebook.com.
    The message may appear for other sites as well (I guess) but this site is the one I caught it on.
    I believe it's related to cron executing within pfblocker and then reloading dnsresolver.
    Can someone shed some light on this issue for me please?
    I attached the message in browser and the cron setting in my pfblocker.

    Thanks for all suggestions!

  • You have to inspect the System Logs, Resolver Logs and pfblockerng.log to pinpoint the issue.
    Depending on your system, Unbound reload can take minutes to complete, during that time no DNS resolution is available.

    Check Services / DNS Resolver / General Settings DHCP Registration should be uncheck as every DHCP lease will reload Unbound.

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