Looking for Advice on firewalls rules.

  • I have pfsense setup for DHCP for over 200 clients at an apartment complex. It is being fed by a wireless backhaul link with 6mbps down and 2.5mbps up.

    With the traffic shaper enabled i put in 4.5Mb down and 2Mbs up. I am getting lots of latecny to pfsense it self from outside the network and if i got out from internally i am getting lots of high latency. Anything fom 200-1000ms.

    I have tried tweaking my firewall rules for the LAN and WAN subnet. I have WAN setup for 1000 new connections every 30 seconds. My LAN i have setup for 10 simultaneous connections at once with the rest left blank. I know without these following rules it almost locks up the router and respones times get rediculously high.

    None of my ques are filling up either, they aren't borrowing or dropping, so i couldn't see any reason why I would be getting latency unless they are filling up.

    Also in my WAN i have problems with a particular user that is web hosting to certain address. I have specified a block in my firewall rules yet all traffic still gets passed to it.

    So if someone could help me out with giving some examples and some definations of the advanced options that would be great.

  • What are the specs on your firewall? What's the medium for the wan link? Are the connections wireless or wired?

  • It is a wireless backhaul…i think i got my problem figured out...I have too many outgoing connections for the amount of bandwidth that I sepcified. I increased my upload to 3.5Mbs and download to 3.5Mb s and it solved the problem. I just some wireless delay when I start pushing over 3Mbps on outgoing traffic.

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