GUI LAGG Configuration page issue

  • First time Installer and I'm having an issue creating LAGGS. Under the GUI when I click ADD the LAGG Configuration page comes up but the Parent Interface Box is empty displaying no inferfaces to select. I have loaded both 2.3.5, and 2.4.2 and its the same in both. LAN/WAN/OPT1/OPT2/OPT3 interfaces show up everywhere else in the GUI and are Active. SO am I missing a step somewhere, Ive used multiple browsers also, same in all. Any help would be appreciated. TKS ADV

  • Making a LAGG has to be done with currently unassigned interfaces that are up.

    I had a little bit of trouble doing this in a VM, I had a couple of internal nets defined that were new and did not seem to come "up" when the VM started - I guess that VirtualBox did not initially create/bring up the internal network. Because now it works fine.

    (and of course you would likely only make LAGG in VMS internal simulated networks for testing)

  • The Interfaces, (LAN/OPT1/OPT2/OPT3). are all up an active, OPT1-3 are unassigned. They still do not show up under the LAGGs Config page. They do show up under the Interface Groups page and I can group them there but nothing on the LAGG Config page. Could it have something to do with the NIC maybe? Its an Intel Pro 1000VT Quad?

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    They do show up under the Interface Groups page…

    Then they are assigned.

  • DOH!!  Couldn't see the forest for the trees… Thanks. Looked at it so long and it was right in front of me.

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