Imported VM in hyper-v fails to boot

  • Hi, I had a failure in my hyper-v host that among other things runs Pfsense, so I reinstalled the OS. since the VM's are on a different drive, theoratically it should be just a matter of importing the VM and starting it, but pfsense fails to load.

    It boots, and then displays the following:

    trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/das1a rw….
    warning / was not properly dismounted
    exex /sbin/init: error 13
    then two other messages about unkonw class daemon and no default fallback class

    and that's it, it doesn't do anything more.

    I sure hope someone is able to tell me how I can get the thing back up and running again, nothing happened with the VHD files, they should all be intact, I am utterly surprised this suddenly fails. The only change is that the hyper-v host is now server 2016 instead of server 2012 R2, but that should not really make any difference.

    Oh and after a while it displays the following:
    random:unblocking device and then absolutely nothing.

    and another edit, when I issue a boot-v I get the message that the partitions all seeems to be not aligned on 4096 bytes, I don't get it nothing has really changed on the underlying VHD.

  • I have never tried that and I am using pfSense in Hyper-V environment form last three or so years. I usually backup my VM and backup pfSense config.

    When I upgraded my Win 2012 server to 2016 then I just backup up the pfSense config. Then, reinstalled pfSense and used the backup config to get all of my configurations back.

    Good luck with your scenario and please update here if you find any solution.

  • Well, I used the pfsense iso to get into single user mode, managed to fix errors with fsck to the point that I could copy config.xml and a few scripts I created to another volume and re-installed.

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