Access from Subnet to Pfsense

  • Hi all,

    I have a network that runs on the subnet and the normal gateway is .1, I have another internet connection that has public IP's of 173.187.x.x. I have a blade server running PFSense that has 3 NIC in it. One NIC is the WAN with an IP address within the 173.187. Another is assigned a LAN with the DHCP server running from the PFSense box giving 172.16.1.x/24 addresses. The LAN IP is which is the gateway the DHCP server assigns.

    How can I get access from the subnet to manage the firewall and access internal devices assigned IP's from the PFSense's DHCP server? I know I am missing something, but I cannot figure it out.

    Any more info I can provide let me know and how to get that access I would appreciate it!

    Running 2.3.4.

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    Huh?  So how is this 192.168.1/24 network connected or how are you going to connected to this other pfsense box with the other internet connection.

    Drawing would be helpful to be sure - break out the crayons and a napkin if you must.

  • Let me know if this help! Thanks

  • Firewall rules on the maybe ?

    Do the hosts on knoiw how to route back to, I'm guessing they have a default route that points out your 24.36.x.x router.

    Do a packet capture on the do you see traffic exit the interface and not come back.

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    So pfsense thinks this 192.168.113 is WAN connection… Pfsense has a gateway on its interface which is what IP?  You say that is the main internet.

    If so pfsense would nat traffic from 172.16 to 192.168.113.pfsenseIP -- if you want to access stuff on 172.16 from 192.168.113 network you would have to setup port forward.. If you turn off nat just allow it your going to have asymmetrical problems since I assume 192.168.113 devices do not use pfsense as its gateway..

  • Revise your drawing and rename the NICs to how pfSense uses them, aka WAN, LAN, Opt1.
    That should clear some questions and help find an answer.

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