Multi Site-to-Site Configuration

  • Hi everybody

    I need some of your help, I have 2 client sites (HQ and Branch) and a datacenter.
    On HQ and Branch I have a Ubiquiti edgerouge (VyOS), they are my "client".
    I have a pfSense whitch is my OpenVPN server.

    And i don't really understand how i am supposed to configure the CSC tab on the pfSense. Specially "local network" and"remote network" for each client.

        tunnel address

        tunnel address

        tunnel address

    My goal is to ping from Branch ( to HQ (
    All I can do now is ping every node in So yes, i already sure that my VPN is up and running.

    Thanks you for your help !!

  • With VyOS you have to go IPSec not openVPN.

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