Unbridgeing WLAN - LAN

  • hi folks

    at the moment i have my WLAN(ath0) bridged with my LAN(vr2) interface and everything is working as should (more or less).

    now i want to set my WLAN interface static, so unbridge the whole thing. but now none of the firewall rules seem to work anymore (not even any-any) - can someone tell me why? and how to i get it working this way?

    thank you in beforehand

  • You need to create a rule for the WLAN interface.

  • Firewall rule?

    have 1:
    any -> any

    that also goes for the other interfaces ;-)

  • What exactly do you mean with unbridge the whole thing?
    Do you want it routed?
    What IP's are you using where?
    Also can you show a screenshot of your firewall rules on the LAN and WLAN interface?

  • i basically have the WLAN interface bridged to the LAN
    and then that goes out to the WAN (gateway

    so now i want the WAN interface to stay as it is, the LAN stays with
    but then i want to remove the bridge and set the WLAN to be
    and then LAN and WLAN should exit through the WAN interface (but still be able to access eachother)

    on all interfaces i have the rule ANY -> ANY set
    as long as i have the WLAN in bridged mode with the LAN interface the firewall rules seem to pull - eg. when i set a restriction to a certain host
    as soon as i change into the explained goal scenario it seems as the rules just get ignored

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