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  • I have this list:
    That I want to whitelist. How can I do this?

    I've even tried copy and pasting the list to DNSBL -> Custom Domain Whitelist, but that still didn't work.

  • First you would have to extract the domain names from that list.
    Then you go to Firewall / pfBlockerNG / DNSBL and put these domain names under DNSBL Whitelist.

    Read the infoblock.  ;)

  • Well I managed to get the Custom Domain Whitelist working after I manually removed all of the regex characters. But this still doesn't solve the automation part.

    DNSBL can subscribe to feeds and automatically block, why not have an option to automatically permit?
    (or deny/permit/match/alias/etc. that IPv4 -> List Action has)

  • For now, the only automatic whitelisting option is with TOP1M.

    To automate DNSBL whitelisting, more code would need to be added.

    So for now, you will have to update the DNS Whitelist when the ebates-cash-back-shopping.txt list change.

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