Cannot reload config file, and DNSBL feeds appears permanently stuck

  • For the last couple of months I've had the "502 bad gateway problem". It's well described on this forum, and the solution has appeared simple - reboot the router, then there's a window of time to log into it and do an upgrade. Which I finally did this weekend - no problem. So today I upgraded from 2.4.1 (I think) to 2.4.2-release-p1

    After the upgrade and reboot, I noticed pfBlocker had apparently lost all its feeds. Not good! I have the "keep settings" box ticked so this was quite unexpected. When I look in Firewall - pfBlockerNG - DNSBL Feeds the list is empty. What happened?

    Shouldn't be a problem - 3 months ago (end-November) I'd last done an upgrade, and saved the config. So I loaded the configuration file, rebooted, still nothing!

    I looked in the XML config file - the feeds are certainly listed in there. So why aren't they being loaded?

    I see some weird things.

    1. On the main dashboard status page, it shows the names of 3 of the feeds in the "alias" list, even though (as I say) they're not listed in pfBlocker. And no matter what I try (reinstalling pfblocker, rebooting, etc) I cannot seem to remove them from the dashboard page. They appear to be stuck there, with red circles beside them (see attached pic). These aliases only show up on the dashboard page, not in Firewall - Aliases

    2. I get error messages saying "unresolvable source alias" for several feeds (even though those feeds don't appear to be present). See the attached pic.

    It feels like something is being remembered, somewhere, and that's messing up the system's ability to restore from the backup config file. Any ideas on how to clear this and restore my pfblocker feeds from the config file?

    Many thanks.

  • Would doing another restore of your backup.xml work?

  • Try going into pfBlocker - updates - force reload both IP & DNSBL.

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