"Wireless Status" web page?

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    In the webpage of "Wireless Status" I can obly figure out what RSSI means can anyone tell me what do the other field mean??


  • @hoba:

    lsf explained some of this already: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=866.msg5201#msg5201

    Tnakyou for your help but in the link you presented only the CAPS (capabilities) is described, there's no information about: AID, TXSEQ, RXSEQ and ERP

  • CAPS = Capabilities

    Depending on the capabilities of the APs, the following flags can be included in the output:

    E - Extended Service Set (ESS). Indicates that the station is part of an infrastructure network (in contrast to an IBSS/ad-hoc network).

    I - IBSS/ad-hoc network. Indicates that the station is part of an ad-hoc network (in contrast to an ESS network).

    P - Privacy. Data confidentiality is required for all data frames exchanged within the BSS. This means that this BSS requires the station to use cryptographic means such as WEP, TKIP or AES-CCMP to encrypt/decrypt data frames being exchanged with others.

    S - Short Preamble. Indicates that the network is using short preambles (defined in 802.11b High Rate/DSSS PHY, short pre- amble utilizes a 56 bit sync field in contrast to a 128 bit field used in long preamble mode).

    s - Short slot time. Indicates that the network is using a short slot time.


    AID = Association ID (describes the ID that the AP has given to a certain mac/client)
    IDLE = idletime
    TXSEQ = Transmit Sequence
    RXSEQ = Receive Sequence
    ERP set to 0 means the device is 802.11 compliant. For more info about ERP read up on the 802.11 standard.
    RSSI = Receive Signal Strength Indicator

    RSSI to dBm can be calculated like this for Atheros cards:

    RSSI_Max = 60
    Convert % to RSSI
    Subtract 95 from RSSI to derive dBm
    Notice that this gives a dBm range of –35dBm at 100% and –95dBm at 0%.

    PS. RSSI is different for most vendors. and can not be campared easily (ex. Cisco has 0 -->100 ). Also it is not a very acurate means to measure signal quality, rather it measures strengt only.

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