Rule numbers on logs, but not on rules page?

  • Ok, I see a bunch of rules being logged on /status_logs_filter.php as "USER_RULE (1518191846)" but nowhere within /firewall_rules.php?if=lan do I see those numbers.

    How do I get the log to show the a friendlier name.  Or where via the web UI do I find a cross-reference to get me those numbers?

  • And how does the system determine how to number a rule?  Might it be possible to manually edit a rule to give it a more readily recognized number?  I'd be fine if I had short numbers for the rules.  But a lot of long ones does not make for easy deciphering of logs.

  • You can have the rule description and number displayed in the log by changing

    Status > System Logs > Settings : Where to show rule descriptions

  • Mine were already setup to "Display as column" and listed them like: "USER_RULE (1518191846)"

    The next option is "Display as second row" and that just bumps the same "USER_RULE (1518191846)" to the next line.

    Thing is, there's no place I've found in the firewall rules area that tells me which of my rules is #1518191846

    Where do I at least find THAT?

  • OH, WAIT…. yeah... found out why... the Description field for a rule is what gets used for these.

    So, yeah, if you don't have a description in there... it defaults to reading "USER_RULE" and that number.

    Putting text into the description has that shown in the logs.  So, yay for the OBVIOUS.

    My second question still stands though, where would I cross-reference one of those numbers to the actual rule?

  • Click on the pass/block icon on the left-most side of the displayed log and it will show you the actual rule - if I understand your question correctly.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There isn't a way to see a tracker ID from the rule list or the rule edit page but it should be fairly easy to add in. I opened a ticket for it here

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