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  • Hello friends,

    First of all thanks to all the post, messages i read here and on internet i managed to configure the OpenVPN in my pfsense.

    So here's the thing:

    - I can connect to my OpenVPN server, but first i have to do  some manual things, i click the "connect button" and it says "Initialization Completed with
        errors" after look in to my pc i found out that the ip i was getting was 169.254.x.x but the one i got configured in my IPv4 Tunnel Network is

    - When i look at the log i found out the pfsense gets succefully the ip " becouse i read pfsense gets the first IP and the client the next (so im
        supposed to get "") ".

    - Then i tried something crazy after i click "Connect button" on OpenVPN client and get the error y mentioned, i go to the proper ethernet adapter and
        change the ip "169.254.x.x" to "" and click "reconnect button" and thing works just fine, i have access to local area network and to

    So my question here is how does my PC gets the "" IP wihout me having to change it manually? any ideas?, becouse what i want to do is to set this on the house of my remote co - worker, and don't want to have him doing this tedious process everything.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Normally, the remote IP is provided via the VPN.

  • Yeah but the VPN is not giving me the IP, i have to set it manually.

  • Well guys i just found out the problem, it is related to the client side (If using windows).

    All i had to do to solve the problem is the next thing:

    -  Run this command as an administrator in windows prompt:      netsh winsock reset catalog
      -  Re - start the machine

    Apparently this happens when the winsock library gets damaged i found all the information in the next links:


    Bye !

  • Did your computer "walk barbarian"?  ;)

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