Squid + MAC adresses + mailreport

  • Hello,

    In a tourism environment we have
      - 1 FW with Captive Portal (+ bandwidth restriction) - guests
      - 4 FW with traffic shaping (limiters + queues) - offices
    In order to avoid problems with authorities we have to record some info otherwise we will be responsible for any use of our connections.

    I would like to:
      - Get the arp table and dhcp logs (in order to have all the mac&ip info). Enough?
      - Get the captive portal authentication log which I suppose contains relevant info
      - Get the “navigation” log (visited urls)
      - Send it by email once a week

    I think I should go this way:
      - install squid (transparent proxy) and light squid
      - install mailreport and configure in System / Advanced / Notifications & Status / Email Reports
      - modify squid to log mac addresses like this:
          https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=121387.0 -> otherwise I will see IPs which rotate frequently (few people change their mac address)
      - send weekly reports with the dhcp log, captive portal authentication, arp table (how?) and light squid logs (lighttpd_lightsquid?)
      - rotate squid logs monthly

    Is this possible? Can you point me to commands for mail report?


    PD Update: After installing Squid the limiters queues do not limit bandwith anymore… Tried in Kbps and Mbps. Also tried with squid normal transparent and quid iptomac. Any workaround?

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