FEATURE Request: acme "lets encrypt"

  • Hello,

    I have been playing with dynamic dns functions settings in pfsense under the service menu, most specifically rfc2136.  The rfc2136 function calls "nsupdate" underneath pfsense.  Why not have the acme package gui be able to make the same call and update dns in the same way?  It's not as if the nsupdate command represents a dependency.

    /usr/local/bin/nsupdate -k /var/etc/XXXX.key /var/etc/nsupdatecmds2

    contents of nsupdatecmds2:

    server <dns master="" server="">
    update delete _acme-challenge.<fqdn>. TXT
    update add _acme-challenge.<fqdn>. 300 TXT samplehash-c95139f6a0149285bcbf1
    local <wan ip="" address=""></wan></fqdn></fqdn></dns>


  • Me too  ;)

    I'm using RFC2136 to keep track of my semi-dynamic WAN IP.

    I'm using the acme package also. I choose the "nsupdate" method. You should check it out, it's using the same "nsupdate"  ;) It's pretty identical for me.

    Ok, I guess I didn't understand the question then …  >:(

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The ACME package has that option. Always has. It's the one I used the most.

  • Sigh.  :-[  Thank you for your patience Jim.


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