Allow Limewire and torrent from LAN

  • Hi Guys,

    I have this PITA client wherein he wants me to open the Limewire and Torrent ports from LAN so that they can download anything.. I've a restricted setup wherein I only allow certain ports from LAN, and I've already included 6881:6999 in the allowed ports but they still can't connect. AFAIK these are port hopping applications so that it can even used port 80 however it does not seem to work, any ideas.



  • Double check which protocols you have allowed.  I feel that your BitTorrent range might be a little too wide for starters. This might help.

  • If you restrict your users outbound this will never work.

    Most current bittorrent client uses a random port in the 5 digit range.
    6881:6999 was in fashion 2002

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