Bridging with load-balancing

  • Hi there,

    I've tried to search for this particular problem but did not find any useful information…

    I've setup a inbound load-balancer on pfsense to loadbalance 2 webservers behind transparent firewalling (Bridged OPT1 and WAN)

    Here are the facts:

    • I can reach each servers individually from internet w/o problems (with proper rules)
    • I can reach the "Virtual servers" IP from LAN without issues (With default LAN -> ANY rule)
      - I CANT reach the "Virtual servers" IP from WAN even with Virtual IP on WAN and proper rules !!!

    Here is my setup:
    INTERNET-\ pfSense /–--(SRV1 GW
    (GW ( WAN -BRIDGE- OPT1 )------ SWITCH
    | | ----(SRV1 GW
    | LAN ) - My pc

    Load Balancer: Pool
    Name Type Servers/Gateways Port Monitor Description
    HTTP server 80 TCP HTTP server pool
    MySQL server 3306 TCP MySQL server pool
    Tomcat server 8080 TCP Tomcat server pool

    Services: Load Balancer: Virtual Servers
    Name Server address Port Pool Description
    HTTP 80 HTTP HTTP Virtual Server 
    MySQL 3306 MySQL MySQL Virtual Server 
    Tomcat 8080 Tomcat Tomcat Virtual Server

    Firewall: Rules (WAN)
    Proto  Source Port  Destination  Port  Gateway Description
    TCP * * 80 (HTTP) HTTP Any -> HTTP Virtual Server
    TCP * * 3306 MySQL Any -> MySQL Virtual Server
    TCP * * 8080 Tomcat Any -> Tomcat Virtual Server

    Firewall: Virtual IP Addresses
    Virtual IP address Type Description [Proxy ARP] Virtual Servers IP

    Please help me to figure out what I am doing wrong !!! Thanks !

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