How to show the user name on the success page of captive portal?

  • Hi

    I've adopted the captive portal page to show our terms of service, ask for a user name, and then grant access. This is user the "none" authentication mode.

    The success page then initiates a webhook to Microsoft Teams, which show a card with the time, IP address and Mac address of the client, just to show that someone has connected to the guest network. I would like to show the user name as well on this page, but it seems the post variable AUTH_USER is not available on the success page.

    Can anyone suggest a method for making the user name available on the success page? Or is it already available in some form I haven't found?

    I've managed to apply a patch from the forum to the captive portal to log the name entered, and to not accept an empty string as user name. If anyone is interested, you can find the patch on GitHub.

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