One suggestion for PfSense team…

  • ..I do not know where to post, so feel free to move it.

    As you notice there is from time to time very similar situations to solve. Can you open some place for upload/download "ready from box configuration".

    Meaning that If I have One LAN and one WAN, I can simply activate "1LAN 1WAN Torrent blocker configuration" and make changes to already working case.

    Best regards to PfSense Team..

  • If you want something like that, pfSense is not the product for you.
    Buy a 20$ router which can do it.

  • huh.. sorry if my post offend you in any way…
    I just express my opinion about what can be helpful to avoid many similar posts where ppl crying for help.

    May be your opinion is that GUI must be removed so PfSense can look more techy? Just because cost 0$?

    Just to clarify that I think very best of PfSense

  • We would like to add more wizards to help people configure things. This isn't out of the question, but I don't know how much time we'll be able to devote to wizard development.

  • I just suggest to open place where users can upload/vote for configuration. There no need for developers to vaste time on new wizards…

    Best regards

  • Basically this would mean one dedicated storage area for config.xml files together with a short description.
    Preconfigured VMware appliances (additional to the one release version) could be located there as well.
    This might help in some situaltions but I don't see the overwhelming need for this.

    The Wiki seems to be a reasonable good place for this (where the appliance already resides).
    At you are doing something like this as well but with a different intention.

  • Ok thanks Chriss.

    Best regards

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