My Gigabit OpenVPN Experience

  • The purpose of this topic is to discuss how my attempt at a gigabit OpenVPN went so that others can use this information.  If there is anything you particularly want to know, ask so I can update this post.


    I choose this because I read OpenVPN is a single threaded processes and very intensive at that due to being badly optimized.  On two different Private Internet Access VPNS I got these performance numbers.

    Warning:  You cannot use the x4 PCIE port with that computer case as there is no hole for that port to come out of.  In my design, I ended up using the x8 slot instead.

    VPN 1:

    Download Min: 451 Mb/s
    Upload Min: 353 Mb/s

    Download Max: 469 Mb/s
    Upload Max: 405 Mb/s

    VPN 2:

    Download Min: 533 Mb/s
    Upload Min: 225 Mb/s

    Download Max: 540 Mb/s
    Upload Max: 290 Mb/s

    Since my real internet speed capped at 940 mb/s download, I set up the two VPNs the same way you set up a duel WAN.  Since this is a VPN, this only took one WAN port.  I did this because two VPNs running meant I could use two cores to run the VPNs.  This gave me the performance of:

    Duel VPN:

    Download Min: 648 Mb/s
    Upload Min: 246 Mb/s

    Download Max: 746 Mb/s
    Upload Max: 417 Mb/s

    I wanted to have multiple LAN ports so I set up a bridge and placed all the LAN interfaces on it.  I then treated that bridge's firewall rules as you would the normal LAN's firewall rules.

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