Squid Gmail Thunderbird unable to connect.

  • Hi there,
    I have been searching this topic for a while now. I have a vlan with transparent squid and pfblockerng, dnsbl, when I try to access my email with thunderbird it just says can not connect to imap.

    I have been searching through my logs and am unable to find any information on this block. I am assuming it is squid when I switch to my unrestricted vlan that also has pfblockerng enables thunderbird works

    I have also adjusted the proxy settings in Thunderbird which did not affect anything.

    Squid has ports 465 and 993 open in the ACL tab under ACL SSLPorts.
    I also tried to make an alias for imap.gmail.com and smpt.gmail.com and placed it in the bypass proxy for these* option in squid.

    Any is appreciated, maybe I can help someone else out some time on here to pay it forward.

  • just only squid filter port 80 and 443, you should be add a ruleĀ  that permit port imap/smpt or a rule pemit host gmail

  • Sorry for the late reply I did end up making a Gmail alias with the ports that go above my other rules which seems to work.

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