• I've recently started using a service called Nextalarm.  It allows my alarm panel to communicate, via a VOIP box, with the alarm company.  The VOIP box is a Linksys PAP and is connected to a switch that is connected to my pfsense box.  The VOIP box has connectivity, it can be pinged locally and is able to access the net.  The alarm company can see the box.  I know this because the alarm can make an outgoing call, via VOIP, that tests the manual alarm functionality.  The alarm company only relies on the phone call as a back-up and monitors the box constantly for alarms, messages, via the net.

    The trouble I'm having is that the alarm company logs indicate that the VOIP box goes "offline" every 30 minutes or so.  30 minutes later, it comes back "online".  The alarm company support person wasn't able to define what "online" and "offline" meant aside that his firm needed the box to maintain a constant online status.  Anyway, this repeats over and over.  Meanwhile, the box can continue to be pinged locally and presumably can continue to access the net.

    The alarm company has suggested forwarding port 5065 UDP to the static IP of the VOIP box, and I've tried that, but I continue to receive alerts that the VOIP box is "offline".

    The bottom line is that some how the VOIP box is losing connectivity withe the alarm service.  I can't figure out where or how the problem is being caused.  I've watched the firewall logs, but don't see anything that I think can be linked to the problem.  What else can I try and where else can I look for help?  Does anyone have any experience with this service and pfsense?

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