PfBlockerNG blocking sons PS4

  • Hey guys, installed this and snort and my son couldn't play his ps4 online.  I disabled PF and ps4 can go back online.  It seemed like it was only the EA Servers for Battlefield 1, his other games seemed to work.  I assumed the pfblocker was just for incoming connections, didn't think it would affect traffic going out.  Any ideas how to fix this?

  • pfBlockerNG does various blocks.

    IP lists are used to set to rules for both inbound and outbound traffic (your choice.)  You only really need to worry about inbound traffic if you're running some kind of server (though that includes things like IoT gear like cameras.)

    The DNSBL blocks access to domains which are on the lists you choose (for example malware, advertising, etc.)

    You probably have a false positive in one of your lists, so you need to hunt that down.

    A quick internet search says that sophos blocks and so it might be a quick-win to whitelist that and see what happens (don't forget to reload the dnsbl and then restart the PS4 to flush the DNS cache).  Failing that you would need to set a Packet Capture (in Diagnostics) on the traffic from the PS4 and then open it in wireshark to see what it is trying to do and why it's failing.

  • thanks so much will give that a shot.  For a couple years I have just been running pfsense.  Just decided to try using a few of the extra features of pfsense and that is when i noticed the problem.  Thanks so much for your help, hope it is that simple :)

    I do run cameras and quite a few home automation stuff that is cloud based.

  • I did a capture of the Battlefield not working after i tried to whitelist it.  It all looks like giberish in Wireshark to me :)

  • You should probably do an update.

  • You might get more sense if you filter the wire shark capture on port 53 (dns).

    That will tell you what addresses it is trying to look up.

    Also pfBlocker has a tab where you can see blocked traffic, it’s worth a look.

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