Sound the alarm! squid newbie question

  • Sorry to be such a noob about this but I tried my best to configure squid
    and when I tried to set the https settings it just blocked all my internet access
    If I made my browser try to go through the sqid proxy I could only get access if
    I disabled squid entirely or told my browser not to use the proxy
    I dont want to waste anyones time so I just wondered if
    someone could point me in the direction of a howto that will explain things simply
    how to enable caching for http so that it will cache the sites i visit and
    how to make it so sites using https will work too.
    could someone also advise - is it unwise to go through a proxy for sites like paypal and ebay?
    is there something wrong with the idea of setting up a proxy server that allows me to access such sites and cache their pages?

  • Did you enable Trasnparent proxy and SSL Filtering?

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