Remote access traffic through Openvpn Site2site

  • Hi guys,

    I have a serious problem.
    My configuration is:

    Site A:
    Site B:
    Openvpn Site2Site with internal lan
    Openvpn firewall rule: ANY <–> ANY

    Site A has pfSense default gateway with Openvpn Site2Site configuration on it.
    In Firewall Rules I permitted all traffic through Openvpn

    Site B has a raspberry with Raspbian and Openvpn.
    Site2Site works well.

    On Site B I have another VPN and I push both both and I can reach, through this second VPN, both Site A both Site B (I remember that Site B has not pfSense but a normal Openvpn installation on Raspbian)

    On Site A I configured another Openvpn Remote Access pushing to clients both both I can reach Site A LAN but I can't reach Site B Lan.

    I'm sorry if my english is very bad.
    I hope anyone could help me with this problem
    Thank You so much!

  • Site B default gateway will need a route to the network you assign to ovpn clients. Have you configured it?

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