Unable to connect to OpenVPN from within the LAN

  • I know this is not a must have, but I used to be able to connect OpenVPN on my pfsense 2.4.2 from LAN or from internet.  It's good to have this for testing.  I simply toggle my iphone's wifi switch between Wifi or LTE to connect to VPN.

    After I resintall the pfsense last night, and I'm pretty sure I copied over all the settings and reconfigured the OpenVPN, now I can connect from internet but within LAN the connection hit a wall.

    What are some of the settings that may prevent reaching to the OpenVPN from within the LAN.  I've looked all the firewall rules and found no clue.

  • Set your OpenVPN server to listen on the LAN interface.
    Add a port forwarding of the OpenVPN protocol from WAN to LAN address.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    It's a VPN. Connect from the outside.

    When you connect from the inside from an address that is in the subnet that is supposed to be routed over the VPN it is not going to work.

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