Multi OVPN Clients - Clashing Same Virtual IP Address

  • I have set-up multi-vpn, using 3 x vpn connections. The servers are controlled by an external VPN provider.

    The issue is that 2 x of these connections are assigned virtual addresses on the same subnet, and sometimes they are assigned identical virtual ip addresses.

    I want to be able to assign / control the virtual ip addresses for each connection through the OVPN client config.

    I see conflicting information and am not sure what the correct way is.

    Currently in the client config I have the VPN/OpenVPN/Clients/Edit –>Tunnel Settings --> IPv4 Tunnel Network -->
    Topology = net30.

    I therefore expect an ip of to be applied to the OVPN virtual address, but it is not.

    Any insights / assistance appreciated.

  • You typically have to request for static IP's to be assigned by the third-party VPN provider.  You can only control your Virtual IP lease if you control the VPN Server, I believe.

  • Thanks for the response. I know I have set this up in the past with the ip being pushed from the server to the client, but starting to question myself also if it can be done client side. I dont see why not, I dont pull routes from the VPN provider.

    I did manage to assign static ip client side using the client specific overrides. This was based on assigning static ip per certificate authority. Unfortunately, all the VPN clients share the same certificate authority though - so although I have proven you can assign static ip client side I still havent managed to do it per client.

    It seems that the ifconfig-push directive works in the 'Client Specific Overrides' section but not in the 'Client' section.
    I dont understand why in the 'Client' section you cannot just specify the ip in 'IPv4 Tunnel Network'

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