Poor performance gigabit at home

  • Good evening,
        I am posting due to the fact I need help with my VM.  It was suggested I post over here for my issues https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=145020.0  I am running the supermicro c2758 SYS-5018A-FTN4 box 16 gig memory.  I put 6 cores and 8 gig memory and I cant pull down anything over 300mbit.  I was using vsphere 5.5 and vmworkstation 12 to administer it along with the web interface esxi 6.5.

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    What vm interfaces are you running in pfsense vm.. e1000?

    Also you have multiple nics listed.. Why would you not break your vmkern off the same vswitch and physical nics?

    What nics are those from physical point of view, are they dual/quad - with what interface on the physical side?  If PCI then yeah your going to have an issue.

  • Good afternoon,
        Drivers were e1000
        I’m not a vm admin I thought if I put them all in but only break then up once I’m running it wouldn’t affect anything.  Only 1 is connected.
        The 4 nics are part of the supermicro bundles appliance.

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    For performance you should be running vmx3 vm nics… And you should always break your vmkern out from any other networks - that for sure is a performance hit.

    What do you mean only 1 is connected?

    3 nics are active in your pic and 3 of them (1 off) is connected to your vswitch you have your lan and vmkern on.

  • I removed the connection.  Okay tomorrow night I will redo the setup.

  • Baremetal
    There is just too much overhead on the VM I assume.  Thats too bad, but glad I didnt have to buy another box.  Now I am going to install some packages on here.

    Thanks everyone!

  • Its definitely not overhead. I'm running pfsense on a gig connection and i get full gig all the time. My box only has 3 cores and 8gb of ram, i was using only 2gb of ram but the box was complaining about something related to ZFS, and i have 100+gb of ram to use anyway so /shrug.

    This is sitting in esxi 6.5, using e1000 nics, WAN and LAN are on different vswitches.

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    "My box only has 3 cores and 8gb of ram"
    "and i have 100+gb of ram"

    100+ GB of ram?  Thought you said the box only has 3 cores and 8GB of ram - where does the 100+ come from???

  • My host has 100+gb of ram, im only allowing 8gb of it to the PfSense VM. I guess i should have worded that clearer..

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    Your not the OP… Are you... Your saying your running the same hardware as him without any issues?  I doubt that to be honest since the board he mentions supports at max 64GB of ram..  And your stating you have over 100..

    It's quite possible his box just can not push gig while yours can..  Ram not really the limiting factor here anyway.

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