[Solved] Squid proxy / Squidguard filter issue

  • Hi all

    New user of PFSense here, but long time user of IpFire.

    Sorry i couldn't find another post that had this perticular issue…

    Everything is fine except, when I change any filtering settings, IE: Block a URL in a Target category which is blocked in Common ACL's, the rule won't apply until I do a full reboot of the hardware.
    I have tried restarting both Squid and Squidguard and filter reload but to no avail.

    Do I really have to restart the box everytime I make a change???  :-\

  • No.  You have to go back to the General settings tab, click Save then Apply for your changes on any tab to take effect.

  • Thanks for the reply, will give it a go

  • Thanks KOM, seems to work after pressing save and apply in general.


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