Xlite, Astericks and Vicidial

  • So. I can not get xlite to register with my asterisks box if it is on a computer behind pfsense.
    The sip settings are correct because they work at any location outside of PFSense.

    Any ideas. The Asterisks box is on the same network, but outside of pfsense.
    I can access the web gui of asterisks from inside my network.

    I dont think it is nat since I can connect to a trixbox at different location.
    the problem has to do with asterisks being on the same network.

  • I don't know if this helps, but I was NEVER able to get more than 1 SIP device to ever register to a server outside my PFSENSE box, from a client behind PFSENSE box.  I had a Polycom phone and a SIPURA ATA, but could only ever get one or the other to work.  Logs never showed much of anything useful and I ended up finding another firewall solution for my house to solve the problem.

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