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  • I am looking for an OpenVPN client for a PC that has a built-in kill switch.  I am running pfsense on a server in my home and typically connect to my VPN whenever I'm out.  I'm trying to teach my family to use it, too.

    The problem I have is that the "OpenVPN" client (from doesn't have a kill switch in case my home pfsense/OpenVPN server goes down.

    I have seen the 3rd party "kill switch" programs but I need something quite a bit easier to give to my family members that are less tech savvy and would sooner just click an error away and keep surfing than to investigate whether or not the VPN crashed and the geek in the corner in the coffee shop is snooping their traffic.

    Any thoughts?  Thanks.


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  • I think I did not make my needs clear.  If I read it correctly your solution protects me when I am connected locally to my home network.

    The scenario I am trying to protect is when I am away from home and connect my laptop to the "free" wifi at a coffee shop.  I then launch the OpenVPN client on the laptop and connect to my home PFsense VPN and I'm protected.  Yay!

    But in the event that my home PFsense server crashes (and takes out the OpenVPN) my laptop device will stay connected to the wifi in the coffee shop, renegotiate an IP, and before you know it the little twerp in the corner with the backwards hat is now snooping my traffic.

    In a perfect world the OpenVPN client would tell me that it lost connection to my VPN and stop all traffic.  Unfortunately that's not built into OpenVPN yet so I probably need a 3rd party solution.  I would "prefer" something that stops all traffic or at least puts up a glaringly obvious message on the screen that tells me that I lost connection to the VPN.

    I would like to use something like that to protect the people that I allow to use my home VPN (niece and roomie).  They are not tech savvy enough to realize that the little symbol on the OpenVPN showing lock has gone and they'll just keep surfing away.  Then I will have to rebuild their computers when bad things happen.  I'm trying to avoid that.

    Thanks again.


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    Not a pfSense problem. You might want to consult your operating system or OpenVPN support/forums for that.

    (Viscosity tells me when I am disconnected…)

    Someone else might know. Personally I think you're overthinking it.

    I would figure out why your home pfSense is crashing. Mine never does.

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