2.4.2 after power failure can't read MOS of pool zroot on boot

  • Hello,

    I have a pfsense 2.4.2 installed on a vm.
    After a power failure, I have an error message at boot.

    I seem to have already seen the problem but impossible to hand over.

    do you have an idea?

    thank you in advance

  • Hmmmm….


    DO NOT set recordsize > 128 KB on the filesystem containing /boot. (At least on FreeBSD 11.0 or before.) It will seem to work at first, until some day after you run freebsd-upgrade and new boot files are written with big blocks. Then gptzfsboot will fail with the error "blocks larger than 128k are not supported". To fix: boot from installation media, import the zpool, use "zfs set recordsize=128K tank/." to stop the effects on new files, and then rewrite the startup files with: "cp -PRp /boot/ /boot-new/ && mv -i /boot /boot-broken && mv -i /boot-new /boot && rm -rf /boot-broken". It may be surprising that rewriting these files actually gets the boot loader working reliably again even if there are larger blocks remaining outside of /boot, but it worked experimentally at least a few times.

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