Searching for all postings from one user?

  • I am used to the forum function, to just search for all topics I have posted in, which should work using the advanced search, leaving the searchterm empty and just enter my username in the "by user:" field.

    But this seems not to be working with this forum. If you enter only the username and leave the searchterm empty, it gives an error message, and if you use the "*" as searchterm in addition to the username, it does not find anything.

    I know, that I can search for all postings from the profile options, but that's not the same as having all relevant threads just being displayed as a search result (I use that to check, if anybody replied to one of my topics).

  • We use the SMF forum software. I'm not sure if a feature like this exists or can be added as package (like the "thanks solved" feature we added for example). Feel free to search at for the desired feature and point us to the package/solution if available. Our main "business" is to code/test pfSense and not the forum software, so we won't spend much time on this unless it can be easily added by the way I described.

  • First click on member name to go to his profile page. Then click on "Show the last posts of this person" link.

  • Well, that seems to be a bug in the forum software, because there is no mod for adding such a feature, and that function is pretty straightforward available in all forums I ever visited.

    In the meantime I found a workaround: Entering a single letter (like "i") in the searchterm field and the username in the "by user" field leads to the intended result, also it is not that helpful like with other forum software (because it doesn't show the results by threads with the time/date and name of the last posting).

  • Then bring this to attention at the smf site so it maybe becomes available in the next version.

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