Adding MAC address

  • How can I add MAC addresses to the firewall?  What I want is that all computers (outside the LAN) must have a specific MAC address to get into the network.  I went into "Firewall rules" but can't seem to figure out how to add a MAC address.  Also, what if I want this condition to apply in addition to a NAT rule?  For example, if an outside user tries to get in with MS Terminal Services, they must be within a pool of five or so MAC addresses.  No MAC address restrictions apply within the network, however.  Help greatly appreciated.

  • services –> dhcp server.

    1: Add in the list at the bottom all the MAC's you want to allow to communicate with the pfSense.
    2: Enable the checkbox "Enable Static ARP entries"

    Traffic not from the MAC's in the list below will be ignored.

    Edit: didnt read right. As blak111 says: wont work from the internet.

  • This wont work from traffic off of the Internet because the MAC addresses aren't carried across. Only the IP is.

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