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  • Hello,

    I'm on my last year on university and for my final project i'm looking forward doing a wi-fi authentication system integrated with my university's website portal. To be able to do this i need to create vouchers automatically but the problem is that i'm not good at programing , and I think that some php coding is needed  to get this job done. I would like to know if somebody could help me with my project do someone know an API or script that solves my problem?

  • Hi,

    No API, as you already figured out. If not, see for yourself Google pfSense API.
    pfSense is a pretty open source project which means : you can change whatever you like.

    What I don't get : what were you doing on the university that they asked you to setup a captive portal with vouchers ?
    Normally someone finishing his medical study won't be asked to put in place a captive portal …. that's madness (although accessible for kids starting at 12).

    Back in my days (middle of the 80's), I followed only these two directions : "software" and "hardware" and these 2 gave me access to the whole thing : from mainframes to that latest Basic one-liner. That changed ? (  ;) )

    Like you won't be able to fly that plane if you never wanted to enter the cockpit (and read the manual, or, more recent, join Microsoft Flight simulator club).

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