New Semi-Auto Backup Idea $150

  • There is a feature in Cisco routers where everytime you perform a write-mem it automatically backs up to an FTP server.  I don't think that would be good for Pfsense since everytime you make changes you have to apply the changes on each page.  Then you still have to perform a backup.  My idea may simplify the process of backing up.

    When you make a change and apply the changes a new button will appear in the top right hand corner letting you know that the config has not been backed up after you have applied some changes.  The button will remain there until you clcik it which will then push the config to a sftp server.

    So you can make all of your modifications and at the end just click the button and it will run a script to perform the backup.  After the backup is completed the button will dissapear and that way you will know that the config has been backed up since the last change.

    If someone else logs into the pfsense and sees the button they will know that changes have been made and the config was not backed up.

    I have used sftp to connect to the pfsense but like the idea of the pfsense initiating the connection and not the other way around.

  • This already exists as a package:

  • Ok…but is it free?  Or is this a SAS type solution where I will have to pay for each of my pfsense boxes to perform this function.  If I have to continually pay then it goes against what I have found to be great about pfsense.  I would rather pay $150 and know that I will always have the feature without having to pay every month for a service.

    Currently I do it for free via scheduled SFTP connections to my pfsense boxes from an SFTP client on a server on a regular schedule.

  • No limits AFAIK.

    Setting your Hostname

    Make sure you have a unique hostname and domain set on the System -> General Setup page. The configurations are stored by FQDN (hostname + domain), so you must make sure each firewall you are backing up has a unique FQDN, otherwise the system cannot differentiate between multiple installations.

    Yes it's a part of the support subscription. They do have a server running it's (power,hardware and connection).So it seems fair to me that it ain't free.

    Additional Benefits

    Support subscribers also receive additional benefits.

    * Automatic Configuration Backup - Your account at allows you to use the pfSense AutoConfigBackup feature.

    I believe to remember that if you search with the keyword backup you will find similar ways as your own solution.

  • I appreciate the fact that they charge since they are offering a service.  I would never dispute that and it makes sense for an end user type user of pfsense.  But for someone who is managing multiple firewalls for their customers…Ex. 20-30 Systems, that person is most likely to have their own server where they can backup the configs for the systems.  I think for those that want paid services it is worthwhile and have even recommended to forum members that they should use their services.

    I understand that there are many ways to do it and it looks like this might actually get covered in the Enterprise Management Interface which MCRANE has just now shown interest.  I just wanted a nice simple GUI created with that functionality.



  • There will be a low cost subscription available within the next month or so including things like the AutoConfigBackup, and access to paid-only content like the pfSense book. So for those desiring this without the budget for a support subscription, it is coming at a significantly lower cost.

  • Unless someone else shows interest this bounty can be removed.


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