OpenVPN on Android draining battery. Keep alive setting the way to go?

  • I've browsed through some information about the smartphone battery draining too quickly when using openVPN. From what I understand from these posts the Keep Alive setting need to be set so that it polls(?) less regular as the default setting? I've been looking through the settings in pfsense 2.4.2 and I can't find anything about it.

    Is this the way to go and how do I change it?

    I'm a beginner on pfsense but I'm leaving for vacation to a country that censors some of the sites I regularly visits and need a VPN tunnel to my home while I'm away.

  • Hi

    you can set advanced parameters in the config screen VPNOpen -> VPNServers -> Edit -> Custom options
    there you can add a line like:

    keepalive 60 300

    Ping every 60 seconds, restart after 300 seconds without a reply.

    regards tohil

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