Ntopng and SG-3100 - performance hit

  • I've got a SG-3100 connected to my 600mb down/50mb up modem, and when I enable ntopng I see quite a performance hit on the download side. Using speedtest.net as my source, I can get 500-700mb down every time without ntopng but once enabled it will be 350-400mb down. I never saw this kind of hit on my old i3-530 PC running pfSense.

    I've experimented with the gui settings but can never get over 400mb.

    Right now I only enable it when I need to troubleshoot network issues. Any suggestions for how to get the download speeds where they should be, or an explanation why there's such a hit? I expect it's because the ARM processor just can't keep up.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Try running at the console during a test:

    top -aSH

    Hit q to quite a freeze the output so you can copy/paste it here. That should show what exactly is using the CPU cycles.


  • Thanks for the reply. I temporarily swapped my old i3 setup into the main router role, so the next time I put the 3100 back in service I will do that and post my results.

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