Adding 2nd OpenVPN cert causes issues with first cert

  • Hi all, hope this is the right forum.

    I've noticed a weird issue on my pfSense config.
    I'm using pfsense 2.4.2 community edition.

    I have 2 linux VPS systems, with two different hosts each running OpenVPNAS.

    I have set up the VPS 1 in the cert manager (CA, Cert, set up a tunnel client, and set up an interface for it).  The CA is listed as "Self-Signed".
    This works fine, it connects and tunnels my traffic through without issue.

    However, when i do the exact same process on VPS 2, and add it's own CA - VPS 1 lists it's CA as VPS 2.

    here is a pic to show you what i mean:

    Looks like some sort of weird certificate mismatch - but I can't find out what's causing it. This same setup was working fine on an earlier version of pfsense (2.3.4).

    Any idea's what i might be doing wrong?


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